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Transport, and especially air transport, has more than any other sector been the driving force behind the development of tourism, globalization and the elimination of borders. It is both a traditionally volatile industry, vulnerable to economic and political crises, and a capital-intensive industry. The aim of the course is to explore issues related to the development and structure of aviation and the tourism policy linked to them, so that it can be a field of future research approaches. After successful completion of the course the student will be able to: To recognize the contribution of transport to economic and tourism development, with an emphasis on the Greek air transport industry and development policies. To understand the organizational and administrative framework of the operation of airlines, as well as to understand the mode of operation and the characteristics of 146 scheduled, charter and low-cost carriers (LCCs), as well as the correlation and interactions of different types of air transport and the tourism that develops in a tourist destination To distinguish the various types related to International Multilateral Conferences and Conventions, Bilateral air transport agreements, Interline Agreements, the SCHENGEN Treaty. 4. To recognize the freedoms of the air (The Freedom of the Air) in the field of air transport and discern the impact of liberalization on airline operations as well as the levels of post-liberalisation competition in aviation today. Understand and distinguish the functions of governmental organizations, such as the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO), the European Convention for the Safety of Air Traffic (EUROCONTROL), the European Civil Aviation Conference (ECAC), the JAA (Joint Aviation Authorities) . To understand and distinguish the functions of non-governmental organizations, such as I.A.T.A. (InternationalAirTransportAssociation), AEA (AssociationofEuropeanAirlines), ERA(EuropeanRegionsAirlinesAssociation). Familiarize yourself with the operation of airline alliances, recognize strategic alliance and merger trends and the general institutional framework and recognize their advantages and disadvantages, both from the perspective of the operator (airline) and from the perspective of tourists. To analyze, compile and evaluate the requirements for the issuance of e-tickets, the IATA Pricing and Settlement Plan (BSP), the relationship between BSP-agents - airlines. To understand the operation mode and characteristics of Private and public airports, the characteristics of airports in Greece and their role in economic development. Familiarize yourself with the Passenger and Handling Agent service functions. Analyze, compile and evaluate handling requirements required for flight delay, damage or loss of baggage, assistance to passengers with disabilities or mobility problems, as well as familiarity with airline quality and safety issues To apply all of the above when issuing an air ticket, taking into account all the restrictions and regulations of the International Air Transport Association. To recognize the contribution of land transport to economic and tourism development, with an emphasis on road and rail transport and development policies at European and international level. To understand the organizational and administrative framework of the operation of the coastal shipping companies To recognize the contribution of coastal shipping to economic and tourism development.
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